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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner and if you still haven't thought of a costume, we're here to help.

Star Wars fan? Be an X-Wing Pilot like Luke, Wedge or even Porkins.

Check out our T-BirdsPink Ladies and Rydell High shirts from Grease- perfect for couples and group           costumes.

Horror more your thing? Be a zombie killer like Shaun of The Dead or Ash or Rick Grimes. Hunt Aliens as Ellen Ripley or have one burst from your chest. Run from Jason as a Camp Crystal Lake counselor. 

80s movies are filled with easy costumes, if you have the right shirt. Dress as Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller with our Caduceus shirt in military green and a pair of suspenders. If villains are more your thing, go as one of those Cobra Kai punks from Karate Kid.

If you're a 90s kid at heart, you could fight alongside Captain Planet with our Planeteers shirts or become the Pumpkin King as Jack Skellington

How about rocking the classic Jack-O-Lantern look? Or maybe the snarky This IS My Costume shirt is more your style. Finally, if you're looking to add a simple touch of class to your outfit there's our Skeleton Tuxedo shirt. 

We hope we gave you some good ideas. If you wear a PopThreads shirt this Halloween, we'd love to see it! 


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